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How to Reduce Water Management Expenses

How to Reduce Water Management Expenses with Green Infrastructure

Utilizing green infrastructure in water management and water treatment systems can help companies achieve economic and environmental benefits. And yet these ecosystem-based management approaches haven’t gone mainstream.

The Case for Green Infrastructure recommends that green infrastructure become part of the standard toolkit for engineers. In the white paper, Dow Chemical, Shell, Swiss Re and Unilever, working with The Nature Conservancy, concluded that hybrid approaches, utilizing a combination of green and gray infrastructure, may provide an optimum solution to a variety of shocks and improve the overall business resilience.

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GIWiz, U.S. EPA Tool, Promotes Green Inf

GIWiz, U.S. EPA Tool, Promotes Green Infrastructure –

GIWiz was created as an interactive online portal to explore all the Green Infrastructure approaches that can help transform communities. Green infrastructure includes a wide range of approaches, including rain gardens, which catch rain water for plants instead of letting it run off into storm drains.

Learn more from EPA’s full report: “Enhancing Sustainable Communities With Green Infrastructure.”

Short animated video from #Stanford Rese

Short animated video from #Stanford Researchers about filtering & reusing #Stormwater

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Roanoke Times – WOYM: Streetsweeping sch

Roanoke Times – WOYM: Streetsweeping schedule is available online from Roanoke Stormwater:

Mr Bronson et al – The December streetsweeping schedule map has been posted on the City’s website:

Alternatively, Ray was correct that the map may be routinely accessed by visiting Under the “Government” heading, click on “Public Works.” On the Public Works page, under the “Stormwater” heading, click on “Maintenance.” On this page there is a link will take Citizens to the most recently posted color coded map.

Finally, we welcome further Streetsweeping questions by contacting the Roanoke Stormwater email: or by phone: (540)853-5900

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Roanoke Stormwater part of Earth Summit 2015

Thanks to Cristina Siegel and all the folks at Clean Valley Council for allowing Roanoke Stormwater to be part of today’s Earth Summit. There is nothing better than talking Stormwater on a rainy day like today with the students that will be Stormwater leaders of tomorrow!

Don’t Rake, MulchMow Your Leaves!

Be Part of the Solution, not the Pollution – MulchMowing Leaves feeds your soil instead of clogging Stormdrains. Virtually any mower with a mulching blade can become a food processor for your lawn. 2015-10-31 14.03.162015-10-31 14.59.032015-10-31 16.13.55

DEQ lifts Drought watch for Roanoke River

DEQ lifts Drought watch for Roanoke River basin that was issued in September 2015

November 3, 2015
Contact: Bill Hayden
(804) 698-4447

RICHMOND, VA. — The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality has lifted the “drought watch” advisory for the Roanoke River basin that was issued in September 2015.

The affected localities and public water suppliers include Patrick, Franklin, Roanoke, Henry, Bedford, Pittsylvania, Campbell, Halifax, Charlotte and Mecklenburg counties and the cities of Danville, Martinsville, Roanoke and Salem in the Roanoke River basin.

According to the Virginia Drought Monitoring Task Force, which represents state and federal agencies, the primary factors contributing to the lifting of the drought watch advisory are:

— Precipitation deficits for 2015 have been eliminated across nearly all of the Roanoke River basin by above-normal rainfall during the last 60 days.

— Stream flows and groundwater levels have returned to normal or above-normal levels.

— The National Weather Service has predicted a significant chance for above-normal precipitation during the next month.


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