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River Floodplain Maintenance http://ht.l

River Floodplain Maintenance

The maintenance of rivers and floodplains can make an important contribution to flood protection. Waters conservation used to be understood mainly as verification of fast discharges, which was achieved through regular mowing. Furthermore, the waterways had to be navigable and accordingly required water depths had to be accomplished through maintenance measures (e.g. digging). Today, sustainable waters conservation is used to guarantee requirements for flood protection and to support also a natural development of the water.

By means of maintenance plans, places, where a decelerated discharge and a resultant backwater (storage) is possible and where mowing and cleaning operations have to be done to allow a contaminant- free discharge can be defined.

Quantifying Stormwater Benefits of Trees

Quantifying Stormwater Benefits of Trees: Overview of Models and Calculators

Duke University facility enables 100 mil

Duke University facility enables 100 million gallons of Stormwater to be harvested annually for making chilled water.

Researchers within the Duke University Wetland Center conducted a survey of 300 to 400 universities to review their water plans, and they did not come across any others that had implemented a stormwater harvesting and use scheme at this scale.

Rt 1 Medians Retrofitted with Beautiful

Rt 1 Medians Retrofitted with Beautiful Plants as part of a Five-phase project to reduce stormwater pollution draining into the Anchorage Canal from the 120 acres surrounding it.

Kudos to The Roanoke Valley/Allegheny Re

Kudos to The Roanoke Valley/Allegheny Regional Commission and Boxley for leading by example to be part of the clean water solution!

Minnesota rain gardens go big to fight p

Minnesota rain gardens go big to fight pollution, reuse water

Many Minnesota cities use rain gardens and other “green infrastructure” now to keep stormwater from polluting nearby lakes and rivers. But they’re often small, neighborhood efforts. Inver Grove Heights, however, is putting that stormwater science to use on a massive scale at Argenta Hills, and it’s attracting national attention.

It was one of eight engineering projects this year to receive top awards from the American Council of Engineering Companies. Others included fancy transit stations in Denver and New York City and an earthquake-proof bridge in the San Francisco Bay area.

Emmons says in its first five years, the system is performing better than expected, showing green infrastructure’s potential.

“This is kind of almost hidden or woven into the site in a way that isn’t so obvious but it does its job, at the same time it can be attractive,” he said. “This site and this whole area of Inver Grove Heights is proof that it can have a major, major impact.”

Great Project: PatersonNJ PS#5 disconnec

Great Project: PatersonNJ PS#5 disconnecting stormwater, reducing pollution & providing youth art #greeninfrastructure


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